Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gem Jar Reward System

We posted a picture of one of the kids' gem jars on Instagram and we had no clue how much all of you would love them@ We got so many requests for more information we thought you might need a quick tutorial :)
 Their jars are currently empty because they all pooled together their gems and rewards and bought themselves a hamster and all the supplies he needs!! We were so proud of them working as a team!!
Basically, the kids earn gems for different activities they do. Chores and behavior (at home and out and about). We have two sets of gems, clear gems and colorful gems. Colorful is for characteristics - for example holding the door open for someone, being nice to people, going above and beyond. We put the gems in for them or we tell them they earned some and let them put their gems in their jars on their own.

We also do gem days randomly. In the morning, I take a minute and make a list of things I want done and give gem amounts for them. The kids all work on the list that day, earning gems as they complete items on the list.

Once their gem jar is full (we say full once a hand laid flat across the top touches at least one gem), they get to pick a reward. Rewards you can make up, but we have a list they can choose from. ex: date with mom/dad, camp out in our room, sleep in our bed, movie night, ice cream bar, etc The important thing is to pick things that would motivate your kids and things they enjoy. For our girls, they get to pick 2 rewards once the jar is full, or take a cash payout ($14), or they can go half and half getting one reward, and $7.
If you need some inspiration, we've included a list below - much of this list is what we use in our home, but some we have added or taken out because we know what works for our family may not work for everyone :)

Jewel Jar –Clear Jewels
Earning Opportunities

1 Jewel

mealtime manners
Bring Trash out and back up when empty (1 for each one)
main bathroom sink wiped dry w/p towel when wet
finish school work for the day w/no complaints
Bring Laundry down on Laundry day
Bring dishes to sink after meals
Put away clean dishwasher (can work as a team)
Empty out lunchbox and put away
Shoes put in cubbies when done

2 Jewels
vacuum kitchen
vacuum mudroom/bathroom
Clean up playroom
Make sure 3 rolls of TP in all bathrooms
clean toilets (per toilet)
Clean bathroom counters (per room)

4 Jewels
Do your own laundry (wash to dryer)
deep clean playroom

5 Jewels
Wipe appliances (oven, dishwasher, stove, microwave, frig/freezer)
vacuum one whole floor
100% on a test

Colorful - Beautiful Jewels

1 Jewel
Having/Showing a BEAUTIFUL Heart & SWEET Words!
(watch your jar & you become more beautiful)

1-5 Jewels
show a fruit of the spirit
(love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness &self-control)
character trait
(courage, truthful, responsible, sensitivity, joyfulness, contentment, compassion, flexibility, dependability, attentiveness, discernment, cautiousness, enthusiasm)
(using skills to solve an argument instead of fight)
(right away first time with a joyful heart)
great attitude
(positive, no complaining all day)
show love & helpful to one another
(put others first)
show honor
(going above and beyond when no one asked or saw you)
being fruitful w/time & independent
(finding things to do with time, not saying bored or needed direction of what to do)

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