Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RiNGLEY brings the best of both worlds

Teething babies are grumpy. They are irritable and picky and want nothing to do with most of the remedies you have for them. Honestly, you can't blame them too much. It can't be fun having teeth push their way through your gums. But how do you figure out what teething toy is best for your baby? What if you aren't crazy about handing your baby silicone or plastic, or any other number of materials teething toys are made from? That's where RiNGLEY comes into play.

RiNGLEY toys are made of all natural materials - organic cotton and pine. The cotton is nice and soft for babies that like soft chew toys - and it can be easily washed or made cold by getting it damp and placing in the fridge or freezer. Each RiNGLEY toy also includes a pine teething ring, for babies that need something hard to gnaw on and get those teeth to make the final push through.

As you can see, Hayden loves her elephant ZooLEY, and your baby could find the RiNGLEY love too! You can purchase a RiNGLEY ZooLEY for $24.99 or, you could win one below!!!

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