Friday, November 8, 2013

LT - Lil' Tulip's and Little Teethers

When texting back and forth, the staff here at Lil' Tulip's often shortens it to LT. But this past month, LT has taken on a new meaning for both of the Lil' Tulip's babies... they are both Little Teethers. And as any parent who's been through teething before knows, having an LT in your house is no fun at all.

Hayden started her teething journey while Beth and her kids were at HQ. The timing couldn't have been better because Beth had easy access to ALL of the teething toys we carry, so Hayden had her pick! Beth and Hayden ended up going home with almost all of the teethers we carry, but we catch her with her Como Tomo teether the most often!
Baby Van wasn't far behind Hayden. He's now working on some teeth and loves his Como Tomo just as much as Hayden loves hers!
Babies love chewing on their fingers, so Como Tomo designed their teether to mimic those little fingers, each of the prongs is just about the size of a baby finger. The ring design makes it easy for little hands to hold onto the teether... but don't worry, if it gets dropped it's also super easy to clean! Made of 100% medical grade silicone, these teethers are resistant to heat, which means you can toss it in boiling water or the dishwasher to clean it off after it (inevitably) gets dropped on the floor in the messiest of places.

Indeed, the Como Tomo Teethers are approved by both Lil' Tulip's LTs ;) Now it's your turn to try one out! If you have a Little Teether at home, enter this giveaway for your chance to win a Como Tomo teether of your own!

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