Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Shower Hug - A giveaway!

As a breastfeeding mom, I can go on and on about the trials of sore boobs!! I'll spare you all the details, but if you're pregnant or nursing you probably already know - it hurts!! Need to ease the pain? Try out the Shower Hug!

If you're interested in more information, check out this great interview on San Diego's NBC, which provides a lot more information about the background of the Shower Hug company!

Want just the simple facts?? Here ya' go!!

The Shower Hug is a Multifaceted Breastfeeding tool, one purchase of $27.95 can provide many functions both in and out of the shower throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

* the Shower Hug provides gentle non restrictive breast support for full and engorged breasts.  As any nursing mother will tell you, having your milk come in is beyond painful unless you (like I did this time!) have a nursing toddler that's happy to give you some relief whenever and wherever you need it! Mom's (even 3rd timers like me!) often don't have a proper fitting nursing bra, because who knows how large your breasts will be when your milk comes in and we know an ill fitting bra means trouble regardless of nursing or not, though while nursing an improperly fitted bra can lead to even more serious issues like mastitis or clogged ducts!

* the Shower Hug acts as a warm compress to soothe tender engorged breasts. Also great for helping with letdown before pumping. Especially good for those mom's who may have had to leave baby in the NICU for a few days but really want to establish their breastfeeding. The Shower Hug is awesome when mom has a clogged duct or mastitis. It provides comfortable warm compress while showering or bathing.

* shields tender breasts and nipples from the harsh shower stream - this is helpful during pregnancy or after, so get the Shower Hug while you're pregnant and continue using it throughout your pregnancy and after birth when your breasts are especially tender!

* the Shower Hug is a great alternative to a traditional nursing bra for soft, comfortable support. Strap free design relieves pressure on the shoulders.  A great bedtime nursing bra!

So, who's ready to win one?!? Just enter below using the easy Rafflecopter form, and you could win!!

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