Thursday, January 17, 2013

Smart Bottoms Trainers -

If you remember from a couple weeks ago, I potty trained my little lady recently, and have been spending some time getting to know many of the different trainers we carry here at Lil' Tulips. This week, I want to spend some time introducing you to the Smart Bottoms Lil' Trainers!

At not quite 2, my daughter is still growing into her body. She has majorly big chunky thighs and a pretty tiny waist. This made finding a trainer that fit her extremely difficult. Most of the trainers we've tried have worked, but are obviously a little on the larger side - bulky, and might even possibly leak at the legs if her thighs were any smaller. Everything stays up on her, but it seems clear to us that most of them would fit better on a child a little bigger than ours. The Lil Trainer is a much more petite trainer. It's a sized diaper, so I'm sure the larger sizes would fit larger children, but the small is absolutely perfect for my little love.

The trainer is pretty simple, and I was worried it wouldn't work for us at first. It's very similar to the diapers we had her in before potty training in that she ends up with bamboo against her skin. The trainer has a snap in bamboo booster, though I'm not sure you could ever use it without the "booster."

Smart Bottoms gives two majorly adorable print options - one that's pretty boyish and one that's pretty darn girlish. Both are incredibly adorable. I absolutely adore the jungle theme - that's still incredibly girly - on the girl's diaper!
As far as functionality goes - this is the only trainer that we've used that hasn't had a single pants change. In the rest, if she doesn't stop herself and just lets all of her pee out, she usually needs a new pair of pants as well, but the Smart Bottoms are able to hold the entire thing without getting her pants damp. Although I was worried about it being too close to her diapers, she seems to have made the distinction perfectly - I'm assuming because it is so much smaller than her diapers.

Overall, the Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer is my favorite of ones I've been trying out. I reach for it first and would probably recommend it to anyone getting ready to potty train.

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