Thursday, January 10, 2013

Homemade Play Dough

Kids love play dough. It's fun and surprisingly, it's incredibly easy to make at home! Jenny, the owner of Lil' Tulips made some last week with her 3 girls and they absolutely loved it!! Here's the recipe she used: Play Dough

With only a few ingredients, the family didn't even need to go out to the store to make this!
Jenny and the girls used the Tovolo Spatula to mix everything up, which made sure none of the ingredients went wasted!

Once everything was totally mixed together, they had Play Dough!! With a simple change of food colorings, there were plenty of different colors, and all that was left was the need to play a little, and so - that's exactly what Jenny and the girls did!

Having been through the fun once, Jenny suggested packing away some of the already made Play Dough and only handing out smaller portions at a time. To store their leftovers, Jenny used Baby Cubes Food Storage Cubes. These storage cubes are designed for baby food (obviously), but they make fantastic gifts because there are so many different options of what to store in them!! And for parents that do make their own food, there's obviously no reason to get rid of your storage cubes once baby has switched to table food!!

Will you be making Play Dough sometime soon? We'd love to see some pictures on our facebook page if you decide to!!

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