Friday, January 4, 2013

EcoPosh Trainers - soft but sturdy

As a pregnant mama, I decided it would be nice to potty train my (almost 2 year old) daughter well before the new baby gets here. I figured that would give her time to really get it down pat before her baby brother or sister arrives and her little world is so dramatically changed. She had also been showing some signs of being ready, she'd ell us as soon as (or during) she went in her diaper and would often wake up from naps or even overnight dry. With my older son, we did a three day method that was immensely successful, so we decided to do the same with my daughter. What I hadn't counted on was that her being so young, the method didn't work quite as well. We got her 98% of the way trained within 3 days, but I still lacked the confidence in her to go out in public without seriously overpacking extra changes of clothes, and often even putting a diaper cover over her underwear "just in case."

Since I have this fantastic resource at my fingertips, I decided to try out a few different cloth training pants and see if they would help or hurt our progress, and my confidence in my daughter. Upon recieving the trainers, I was absolutely amazed how soft the EcoPosh Bamboo was. I've been using bamboo diapers for over 3 years (between 2 kids) so the softness of bamboo shouldn't have been a shock, but using a bamboo blend inside of a trainer provides an EVEN SOFTER fabric to put against your child's skin. Seriously, the folks at Kanga Care (makers of rump a rooz and EcoPosh) need to come out with adult sized underwear made of the same stuff they use inside the trainers. It is to die for soft.

After quite a few washes, the EcoPosh trainer has remained soft and is remarkably good at holding it's form. With 3 different sizes you'll be able to find something that fits your child, and assuming you don't order like a crazy person, it will fit well. As I mentioned, my daughter is 99% of the way to being fully trained, but we've still used the EcoPosh a few times for it's intended purpose. So far, it's one of the most absorbent trainers we've used. I have a pretty heavy wetter, and the EcoPosh is able to catch everything without needing a change of pants. It's my favorite trainer to use when we are in the car because I know that even if she tells me she needs to go and I can't find a spot to stop we won't need a new outfit if and when she has an accident.

I'd highly suggest the EcoPosh trainer for beginner potty trainers - when accidents are more likely to happen, or for help with training overnight. The diaper-like absorbancy provides for peace of mind while still putting an underwear-like option on your child.

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