Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommy Necklaces - Every Mommy Needs one!

Breastfeeding is beautiful. It's natural and creates a wonderful bonding experience between Mother and Baby and is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Many people post beautiful pictures of themselves breastfeeding their children. Pictures that show the bond between mother and baby at it's strongest. Shoot... I even have a few of those pictures!

But what about when breastfeeding isn't fun? Nobody shows the pictures (probably because they are usually indecent!) of that sweet baby clamping down on your nipple and nearly biting it off. Nobody shows the pictures of their child craning their neck away from the breast while still latched (or sometimes not!) to see what's going on in the room around them. Nobody shows the pictures of a bruised chest from the pinches, or the painful nipples from your baby playing with the side they aren't nursing from. But chances are? If you've been breastfeeding awhile you've experienced at least one, if not all, of these situations. I've even been known to take pictures of myself in those situations.

Mommy Necklaces are a product designed to help keep you, your child, and your boobies (!!) happy and healthy even through each of these not so pleasant stages. Mommy necklaces are designed to give your baby something to focus on while breastfeeding. Rather than pinching your chest or nipple, rather than biting down, rather than being distracted by any tiny noise in the background; the mommy necklace keeps your baby focused on the task at hand (or mouth as it may be) while still keeping you comfortable. Wearing the Mommy Necklace gives your child something to fidget with, keeping their focus close to your body and making sure they stay in the correct position. They are gorgeous, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. And do they work??? Well, you be the judge:

Right now, we've got Mommy Necklaces on sale, but they are going fast! We expect them to go even faster today!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Splash into Summer

I'm not sure if you saw, but we're offering a great package on AppleCheeks this week! Buy two swim diapers and a storage sac at a 5% discount. This is a great deal for summer - which is just around the corner!! AppleCheeks swim diapers are not only our hottest selling swim diaper, but they are hard to keep on the shelves because so many retailers are selling out and ordering more!
AppleCheeks swim diapers come in three colors, Samoan Sunset, Siesta Key, and Mojito. All three are to die for gorgeous.
If you aren't familiar with AppleCheeks, it is a two size system, and their swim diapers are the same system. In fact, they are the same diapers, but without any PUL. That said, they don't fit quite the same way as the diapers do. For one, there is no insert in these so you've got a little bit of extra room to breath in. If your child is just moving into the size 2 diapers, you may want to stick with a size 1 for the swim diapers. Confused? If you have them around, try putting a size one cover on your little one without any insert. If it fits... or is even close; I'd stay with a size 1 swim diaper. As with all AppleCheeks, the swim diapers have a lot of stretch and a lot of cute.
We know the truth. There are a lot of people in the cloth diapering world that will suggest saving money and skipping a swim diaper - just use a pocket diaper without an insert. While that works, and is certainly something I've done before in an emergency (did you see the picture of Audrey in her AppleCheeks Appletini?), it's not a great idea in general. We all know how fragile cloth diaper wash cycles can be. We know that the tiniest change can completely ruin your wash cycle - so please, don't add in an extra component of chlorine, or saltwater by using your pockets as a swim diaper; not to mention the fact that both saltwater or chlorine may cause damage to the PUL in your pockets.

Grab a couple swim diapers, and get yourself ready for summer. No matter which color or size you choose, it will be mighty cute once it's on your little one's bum!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piggy Paint: Ordinary to Extrodinary!

Little Girls. As a mom of both I can say - little girls are a lot of fun to dress. Frilly pink, ruffles, bows, all of it is extra fun. To the mom's of boys - don't you worry, there are plenty of exclusive boy things that you get to experience too, but this post is about the girls!

Ruffles and frills are mighty cute. Like beyond cute. But want to know how to take that cuteness to an extra level? Allow me to introduce you to Piggy Paint. Piggy paint is nail polish for little ones. It's non-toxic, all natural, and made in the USA! I put it on my 1 year old; and Jenny, who has older children, lets her daughters pain their own nails! Pretty brave if you ask me:
What I love most about Piggy Paint is knowing that even if my daughter puts her toes in her mouth, it's not a big deal. I can give her adorable little pedicures and make her cute toes just skyrocket in cuteness and not have to stress in the least!! when she inevitably puts her toes into her mouth. I mean seriously - check out these before and after pictures. While those toes are cute before... the after shot is just THROUGH THE ROOF!

Is Piggy Paint a necessary item like diapers or food or stuff like that? No, absolutely not. But boy oh boy is it fun!!! It's one of those products I love to give as a shower gift, or stock up on while it's on sale. Which... lucky for you, it IS on sale this week!! 10% off, so stock up while you can!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Moby Wrap

Wraps are quickly becoming a popular item among Moms - both new and old. When my son was born in 2009, I had never heard of a wrap. Now, almost every registry includes the Moby, Sleepy, K'Tan, or some other wrap. I first learned of the Moby in a mom's group I was a part of. Someone commented that she had found one at a boutique and her baby was absolutely in love. She brought it to the group and let us all take a look and I fell in love. I went out the next day and bought one for my son and I.

We both were so pleased with the Moby. I loved being able to hold him close and still have both hands free, he loved being snuggled against me, able to sleep, or breastfeed, or just about anything while all nice and warm and snuggly with his mama. We used the Moby until he got to heavy, and then switched to woven wraps and some soft structured carriers like the Boba. In my heart though, I was always a wrapper. The Moby introduced me to a world of babywearing I would have never otherwise discovered, and I couldn't be happier about it. Because of my new-found love for the Moby (and wraps in general), the Moby Wrap quickly became, and has remained, my go-to shower gift for friends and family. My Moby has gone out on loan a few times, and also came out of hiding when my daughter was born!

Is there a learning curve with wraps? Yes. Of course there is. But once you learn to correctly wrap your baby there is a World of possibilities and comfort waiting for you! This week, get yourself (or a friend!) a Moby Wrap for 10% off!