Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dwink Box!

You're in the car (or even at home) and your child is BEGGING for juice. No sippy cup in sight, you do what's easiest. You jam a plastic straw through the tiny foil section of a juice box and pass it to your child. But rather than placating your sweet babe, the screams get louder and the shouts change tone. Your little one is no longer just thirsty, now they are thirsty and soaking wet!

Does this scene sound familiar?

It takes awhile for kids to learn not to squeeze a juice box. Which is when the dwink box juice box holder comes in handy! The dwink box adds a stiff, plastic layer between your child's fingers and the soft cardboard of a juice box. No matter how hard your child squeezes that plastic, they aren't going to be squirting juice all over themselves!

The Dwink Box also provides two easy to hold handles - making it even easier for your little one to get a sip without a spill. In 4 different colors, the Dwink Box is easy to get in a color your child will love and will love using!


Tara and Kyle said...

Just saw these the other day! So cute!

Meg said...

These are cool! We haven't started using juice/milk drink boxes yet precisely because I've seen too many kids squeeze them and get that sticky geyser effect. This is a good idea for kids who can drink out of a straw, but aren't totally ready for a juice box yet!

Michele said...

I think I'd be a little more excited about it if there was some sort of cover to keep the box inside. My Isabella is SO inquisitive there is no WAY the juice box would stay in the holder.

I love the idea, but I don't think it'd work for us.

Stephanie said...

Do these work for pouches (like Capri Sun)?

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