Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: AppleCheeks Swim Diaper

It's been awhile since we did weekly giveaways, but we want to bring them back!! Make sure you check in every Friday to see what we're giving away and get your entries in!

We're kicking it off this week with an AppleCheeks Swim diaper! Summer is in full swing, and if you don't have one of these yet, you NEED one!!
Cuter than cute, and fantastic for the ocean, pool, or anywhere else there may be water - AppleCheeks diapers brings you their swim diapers!  Enter to win one below, and make sure you come back next Friday for a new giveaway!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Strip!!

No, we don't want you to take your clothes off. We just want you to get all the ammonia, detergent, and other build up out of your diapers!!! There's a whole lot of advice about stripping diapers out there, and we want to make sure you have a place where you can go that you trust and know is safe instructions to follow! So, here goes!!!

When you should strip
Stripping IS NOT something you should do on a regular basis. Unless of course you get paid for it (seriously, how many times can I make this joke before y'all get bored?) Stripping diapers is not good for them. It can damage the PUL and/or elastics and puts some major wear on your diapers. Unless you've got a majorly messed up wash cycle (if you do, EMAIL US! We are happy to help you figure out a detergent and wash cycle that works), you shouldn't need to strip very often. In fact, just as a reference - I've been using cloth for just under 2 years - for 7 months I had 2 in diapers - and have stripped once. ONE SINGLE TIME in 2 years. And that time? Was because we had a yeast situation happening. So let me reiterate... Stripping is not something you should do on a regular basis. But sometimes, it's all you can do. If you've tried RLR, and have tried multiple rinses, and are STILL having issues with stink, buildup, or the dreaded yeast, it's time to strip.

How to strip
Research (through reputable sources!) and my own personal experience have led me to believe that the best way to strip your diapers is with Dawn Dish Detergent. It can be bought at your local grocery store... and usually a pharmacy or even a gas station! Make sure you get the blue kind. I'm not sure if there's any technical reason for this... but it worked for me and half the internet... so just go with it!!

Do a cold rinse of the diapers you are going to strip. Then do a regular wash cycle (I do hot wash, cold rinse)... but instead of using any detergent, add 2 Tablespoons of your blue dawn to the wash. Now comes the fun part. Rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse some more. You'll need to keep an eye on your diapers during the rinse cycles. If you see ANY bubbles in the water while they are being agitated you need to rinse again. Just keep rinsing until you have no bubbles!!

If you have yeast
Yeast is a special kind of ugly animal all on its own. Dawn may not be the only solution to yeast (though I'd still suggest a final strip with dawn once the rash is cleared). You'll also need to use a little bit of bleach. I know how scary that sounds!! Make sure your washer has a place where detergent/bleach can be mixed with the water. You don't want to pour bleach straight onto your diapers!! If it doesn't, just wait until the washer fills with water and add it then! When using bleach, you want to do cold cycles - bleach works better in the cold - and you'll want to use as much water as possible. Even if you're only doing a couple diapers, I'd suggest telling your washer it's a large load (if that's an option!). When you actually add the bleach, you don't need too much - usually only about 1-3 tablespoons. Even watered down, that should be enough to get the yeast out of your diapers.

When you shouldn't strip
You don't always need to strip. RLR Laundry treatment is great for getting buildup out of diapers. It's much less stressful on your diapers and is a great solution if you need some help! You also don't need to strip if you've had a not-quite-right laundry cycle and are finally finding your mojo. Just keep at it and your diapers should show signs of improvement rather quickly.

As always, if you've got questions please feel free to ask on our facebook page, in the comments here, or email us! (

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dwink Box!

You're in the car (or even at home) and your child is BEGGING for juice. No sippy cup in sight, you do what's easiest. You jam a plastic straw through the tiny foil section of a juice box and pass it to your child. But rather than placating your sweet babe, the screams get louder and the shouts change tone. Your little one is no longer just thirsty, now they are thirsty and soaking wet!

Does this scene sound familiar?

It takes awhile for kids to learn not to squeeze a juice box. Which is when the dwink box juice box holder comes in handy! The dwink box adds a stiff, plastic layer between your child's fingers and the soft cardboard of a juice box. No matter how hard your child squeezes that plastic, they aren't going to be squirting juice all over themselves!

The Dwink Box also provides two easy to hold handles - making it even easier for your little one to get a sip without a spill. In 4 different colors, the Dwink Box is easy to get in a color your child will love and will love using!