Monday, June 4, 2012

Wrap it up!

There are all kinds of diapers in the cloth diapering community. Many of the less expensive options require the use of a cover. While there are many covers out there, Thirsties has become the leading cover of choice among our fans on Facebook! So what's all the hype about??

The Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover is designed to grow with your baby. The two sizes each look like most one-size diapers. This way, you can adjust the rise as well as the waist as your baby grows. Many diapers claim that their largest size will fit up to potty training, but with the Thirsties cover, you can be sure it will!! In fact, I threw it onto my almost 3 year old little man (who has been potty trained for quite some time now!) just for the sake of this post. Look, still fits!! (he doesn't have a diaper on under this, but he's also got a TON of extra room around the waist and in the bum.

The Duo Wrap comes in tons of cute colors or a few select (but super cute!) prints. For this review, I'm using the Duo Wrap in Warm Stripes. Mine is snaps - I try to keep all my diapers with snaps so the aplix doesn't snag anything... but I know there are TONS of mommies out there who prefer aplix, and the good news is? The Duo Wrap comes in aplix as well!!

No matter what you plan on putting under the Duo Wrap it's sure to keep everything inside while still looking cute and going easy on the wallet.

Still not convinced? Check out the reviews on the Lil' Tulips site for these covers!! All 4 Mommies gave these covers 5 stars!

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Amanda Naugle said...

I have been looking at this covers looks so easy!!!! hmmm maybe i can snag a couple
Amanda Naugle

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