Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crossing the Line

Yesterday, I posted this picture on our Facebook page. It's my diapers out on the line waiting for the sun to crest over the top of my house and dry them.
I realized some people new to cloth may not know about all the benefits of line drying, and figured it was worth a blog post.

Line drying is fantastic for cloth diapers, and here's why!!
  • Stains - As we know, diapers can sometimes get stained. It's a natural thing to happen since your kid is supposed to poop in them. What you've heard is true. The sun is AMAZING at getting stains out of your diapers. If the sun alone doesn't work, a little boost with some lemon juice will do the trick!
  • Energy Bills - Obviously not using the dryer means you don't have to PAY to use it, so the more you get those diapers outside, the less you need to use your dryer.
  • The environment - Again, using the dryer, and the electricity that goes along with it is harder on the environment than popping the diapers out on the line
  • Photo ops - Yeah, I know this is silly. BUT, here it is. There are zero photo ops when your diapers are inside the dryer. But when their out on the line? You can catch photos like this:
 Still not convinced? Line drying also helps the elastics and PUL hold up. While you do need to dry in the dryer every so often, to help make sure the PUL stays sealed at the seams, the dryer will shorten the life of both the elastics in your diapers and the PUL that keeps them waterproof.

Don't have a clothesline? Guess what? Neither do I!! I make my own on days when I can sun by hanging a rope between the fence and our garage. You can also find collapsible clothesline trees at hardware stores, and often Walmart or Target.

How do you currently dry your diapers? Has this post made you reconsider??


Erin said...

We "line-dry" on the side of the crib. We don't have a line, or really anywhere to hang one. Maybe I can cart them over to my Mom's house and use hers :)

Clarissa said...

I had no idea that PUL covers needed to be occasionally machine dried! Makes sense though. I will be cloth diapering starting next month and I had just planned on using my drying rack. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment with no yard so I don't really have anywhere to hang a clothesline :/ I do, however, have a small deck where I just might be able to convince hubby to hang a rope for me ;)

Megan said...

For a lemon juice boost, do you add it to the wash cycle or spritz some on after they come out of the wash before you hang them up to dry? I have some nasty green bf poop stains that just won't come out. It doesn't help that I'm at least the 3rd person to use these diapers...

Meg said...

Is that a whole line of AppleCheeks I see? I'm jealous! I love hanging our diapers out on the line (kind of a necessity, as we don't have a dryer). The neighbors initially thought we were weird, but after almost two years I think we've normalized cloth diapers for them. And you can't beat a good dose of sun to brighten up old diapers!

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