Thursday, June 21, 2012

AppleCheeks on the cheeks

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kinda an AppleCheeks fan! I switched to AppleCheeks over two years ago after trying an embarrassing number of other cloth diaper brands. Each brand I tried I "liked" but didn't love enough to settle down. Since trying out my first AppleCheeks I found my brand love and loyalty. I sold off all my other brands and went exclusively Applecheeks, and haven't looked back since!! So what's with the love?

AppleCheeks, first and foremost is an amazing brand. Their customer service blows other brands straight out of the water. I have yet to find another brand that interacts with their fans the way AppleCheeks does. The warm fuzzy attitude the brand creates for their fans seems to spread, and AppleCheeks fans have created various groups to chat, exchange diapers, and surprise each other! Yes, there are other brands where the fans band together for support, but I haven't ever seen a group like the AppleCheeks ones!

The fit. AppleCheeks just fit my kids better. I started with AppleCheeks when my daughter was just 9 days old. My son wore them up until the day he potty trained, and still wears them overnight (tips on overnight potty training are always welcome!). Of the brands I tried, AppleCheeks were the trimmest while still having enough junk in the trunk to soak up my heavy wetter's pee with no leaks.

Speaking of no leaks... in over of two years using Applecheeks, I've had a total of 3 leaks. Not bad right?? Well it gets even better when I tell you all 3 of those leaks could have been prevented. 2 are because I didn't put an extra insert in and left the diaper on all night while my munchkin snuggled next to me and nursed the entire night. Yeah, there's only so much a single diaper can hold. The third leak was by far the most embarrassing - hello poopsplosion right up the back - and is 110% the fault of my darling husband. Who, when we first started with AppleCheeks, had no idea what he was doing and put the snaps on the very last setting - leaving the diaper not only loose, but darn near falling off.

Last but not least, AppleCheeks prints are just WAY too cute. They are custom designed fabrics and are nearing their end! Grab a Delicious or Wild Child print (both with AppleCheeks apples on them!) before they are gone!


Amanda N said...

Would love to own a cloth diaper and try one out for my expected baby who is due in October .. I hear about Apple cheeks all the time !!
Amanda Naugle

Ashley Wright said...

I have yet to try an apple cheeks diaper but I am so drawn to them!! I don't know what is holding me back but I don't see my stash lasting too much longer without a cute Delicious or Wild Child added!

Meg said...

I completely agree--AppleCheeks are THE BEST! We only have four, and three of those are size 1s that are now in waiting for baby #2 to come along. They fit so well, and they are sooo adorable. I've been trying to restrain myself, but I think I may have to splurge on one of the prints in size 2...

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