Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tag a Long: a review

We've had a great relationship with the makers of the Tag a Long for quite some time. Jenny always tells me about how cool they are, and each time I would glance at the product images and think "yeah cool... but not something I NEED." As with most things suggested to me by people in the business, I once again was wrong. The Tag a Long is exactly what I needed.

The Tag a Long attaches to just about anything - typically a stroller, but it's also suggested for carts at the grocery store or elsewhere. Basically, anytime you'll have some kind of moving object that you are pushing... and you want your toddler to stay nearby, the Tag a Long makes it easy. It quickly attaches to just about anything that has a bar/pole/whatever:
I knew that part would be easy... what I wasn't so certain about was the success rate of getting my almost 3 year old to hang onto the handle while we walked. Surprisingly enough, he was more than happy to oblige and walked perfectly next to me almost the entire time and without much of any coaching/bribing/cajoling.
Somehow, the Tag a Long has become his favorite toy. He loves holding his "special handle" and going on walks. I haven't tried it attached to a cart yet, but I'm thinking it will work wonders and be a fantastic addition to my purse!
We love our Tag a Long, and I am pretty sure we'll be adding a second one to my artillery of "mommy's little helper" products. Grab one for yourself, and keep your toddler a safe distance from you while still letting them be independent!

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