Friday, May 4, 2012

Angela Marie Tutus: An incredibly cute new product!

If you celebrated our birthday bash with us, you already know we're ridiculously proud of our employee Angie and her line of tutus. Angela Marie Tutus are one of our newest products. The are incredibly cute and impressively well made. Angela Marie Tutus are completely customizable, you pick up to three colors for your tutu and it is made to order before being shipped out to you!

The band of Angela Marie Tutus consists of ribbon wrapped elastic making a soft, sturdy band to go around your child's waist.
 There's tons of tulle to make the tutu extra fluffy and puffy!
And once it's on your little lady, the pretty can't be beat!
I might be slightly biased since that's MY daughter, but I just think these pictures are too cute for words!! I love dressing her in this tutu and always get compliments about how gorgeous the tutu (and the little girl wearing it) are. Want to get your little lady an adorable tutu? Grab an Angela Marie tutu today!!

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Anonymous said...

I was the lucky winner of an Angela Marie Tutu that y'all gave away during the birthday bash, and couldn't have been more pleased when I received it! Gorgeous and definitely well made. Also - your thoughts are the pictures are not biased, that little girl is SO adorable ;)

Thanks for the free gift!!

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