Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Traveling Diaper

As you probably know, AppleCheeks released a limited edition color last week. Purple Rain! We want to send a Purple Rain around the continent, starting with YOU! Here's how it will work:
  1. Sign up in Woobox on our Facebook page. (We're just using this to get everyone's address - if you "enter", you'll be on the list to get the diaper for a week!)
  2. Wait for Purple Rain to hit your mailbox
  3. Use it for a week, and snap at least one picture of your little one in the diaper - post it on our Facebook page! We'd love to see your child and the traveling diaper somewhere that stands out to you. Something that really shows your hometown, a favorite spot, or something you think really shows the essence of the traveling diaper.
  4. Email Beth ( to find out the address of the next baby the Purple Rain is headed to.
  5. Clean it.  Please!! We REALLY don't want a dirty diaper showing up at anyone's door.
  6. Send it to the next mama with a tracking number. 
This fun will cost you the price of shipping a diaper to someone. We're going to try our best to set it up so the diaper isn't going back and forth across the country, but we can't promise anything! We're hoping it will only cost a few dollars for each mama to send it along. We're asking you to spend the extra on sending it with a tracking number so that we know where it is at all times. If the next mama on the list doesn't receive the diaper, and you don't have a tracking number to show us where that diaper is, we'll be holding you accountable for the full cost of the diaper. So - if you want to take your chances on the mail system, that's your choice, but it may be wise to give yourself some added insurance!!

Questions? Ask them here, or on Facebook, or email Beth! We'll be updating the post with answers to everything, as we're sure some things have been missed. We're super excited about this idea and can't wait to see where the diaper goes!!

So - who will get it first? Will it be you??

I already have a Purple Rain. How will I tell mine apart from the Traveling Diaper?
We're planning on marking the Traveling Diaper - not in any way that will show or ruin the diaper. We're thinking maybe just put a T (for travel!) on the lot tag inside the envelope, but we are open to suggestions if you think it should be marked in some other fashion! A huge thanks to one of our fans - we are going to switch out some of the snaps to Lime Green!! That way, it will be easy to tell which diaper is the traveler, and which is yours, and no chance of a T washing off!

I live in Canada. Does that mean I can't participate?
Nope! Just means it'll take a little longer to get to you! We're going to send this diaper through the US first and then have it sent to our Social Media Coordinator, Beth. She'll send it up to Canada so none of our US fans have to bother with customs forms and the extra couple dollars it costs to get up over the border! 


Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) said...

So excited! If I get chosen I know the perfect place to snap the pic! <3 This sounds super fun!

Tammy said...

Very Excited for this...I have a couple of Ideas for the perfect pic!!!!

Chris said...

Can't wait to give Purple Rain a taste of Canada! My son and I will have a blast seeing all your pics, and snapping a few of our own!!

jengardner said...

cool idea!!

Anonymous said...

gross. I personally think it's a great way to potentially spread disease!

Kate said...

I thought this was cute until I realized you want people to use the diaper and I gotta agree with Anonymous. I've purchased used diapers (always strip and sun before using) but this sounds like a really bad idea. All it takes is for one kid to have an undiagnosed yeast infection and suddenly you're spreading it around the country.

Lori said...

Cute idea, but I have to agree with Anonymous and could end up spreading infection.

mdt6002 said...

Instead of using it for a week, you could always have a rule about putting a pair of undies on under the diaper... That way no one has to be scared of anything , and everyone could have fun!

Anonymous said...

sorry this just sounds gross maybe it's cause i'm a clean freak. I just couldn't imagine how many how many babies are going to poop in this and then just wash it and send it on to the next person ewwww sorry. I would of suggested sending it out having people but it over a fitted or something just to snap a phote and then sign the diaper but never acutally use it for for then photo shoot!

Mrs.Chase said...

I have already decided the ideal place for a Canadian Photo! (Think - Important building - where many decisions are made!) :)

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