Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Necessity: Nikibiki tanks

A few weeks ago, our deal of the week was on Nikibiki tanks. As someone fairly new to the Lil' Tulips staff I looked at them and considered buying one while they were on sale, but decided to hold off. I wear tank tops and the last thing I needed was more tanks. It's always hard for me to pass up a good deal, but my husband and I are trying to make some changes, pay off debt, and plan a trip to Disney for the kids, so I figured buying myself some new tanks was an unnecessary expense and passed on them.

Not too much later, Jenny got in all the new spring colors and asked if I'd like to try one so I could write a honest review of them on the blog. Not one to ever pass up the opportunity for free products - especially ones I know I'll use - I of course agreed. As you probably know, Lil' Tulips has crazy fast shipping and so 2 days later I had a new tank in my hands. I held it and was underwhelmed. $15 for a tank that weighed maybe an ounce? It felt thin and unimpressive. The color was pretty (a deep purple), but it wasn't anything I was majorly impressed with. Plus - they are one size tanks, so I was pretty confident it wouldn't fit. I WAS WRONG.

The next day, I slipped into my Nikibiki and fell in love. That night, I ordered an additional 3, and I'm doing my best not to order more (I'll let you know how that goes... I really want (and need!) all of them!!). For the first time in my lifeI've found something that truely is one size. Ok, so it might not fit my 14 month old daughter.... but it would fit me, would fit my mom, would fit my Aunts... and it would even fit a 60 pound heavier me (not that I plan on gaining 60 lbs - but that's what I packed on when pregnant ;) ).
The Nikibiki tanks are nice and long. They cover my post partum pudge (does it still count as post partum when my youngest is a toddler?), and keep my butt covered even when I bend down or squat on the floor to be at the kids' level.

I love the material these tanks are made of. It is stretchy - not too loose, not too tight. It's super soft, and it makes me feel like I still have the comfort and security of wearing a tank without the extra bulk. It's breathable which I think will really come in handy this summer, and will make it easy to still rock the style I love without sweating to death!

Yes, I'm in love with my Nikibiki tank... and if anyone wants to buy me a few more, feel free!! Of course - get yourself one while you're at it!


Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) said...

I've honestly never seen a OS tank. Seems strange to me. Looks great on you and I am definitely curious how it would fit me

hodappn said...

I bought a few of these and love them.

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