Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piggy Paint: Ordinary to Extrodinary!

Little Girls. As a mom of both I can say - little girls are a lot of fun to dress. Frilly pink, ruffles, bows, all of it is extra fun. To the mom's of boys - don't you worry, there are plenty of exclusive boy things that you get to experience too, but this post is about the girls!

Ruffles and frills are mighty cute. Like beyond cute. But want to know how to take that cuteness to an extra level? Allow me to introduce you to Piggy Paint. Piggy paint is nail polish for little ones. It's non-toxic, all natural, and made in the USA! I put it on my 1 year old; and Jenny, who has older children, lets her daughters pain their own nails! Pretty brave if you ask me:
What I love most about Piggy Paint is knowing that even if my daughter puts her toes in her mouth, it's not a big deal. I can give her adorable little pedicures and make her cute toes just skyrocket in cuteness and not have to stress in the least!! when she inevitably puts her toes into her mouth. I mean seriously - check out these before and after pictures. While those toes are cute before... the after shot is just THROUGH THE ROOF!

Is Piggy Paint a necessary item like diapers or food or stuff like that? No, absolutely not. But boy oh boy is it fun!!! It's one of those products I love to give as a shower gift, or stock up on while it's on sale. Which... lucky for you, it IS on sale this week!! 10% off, so stock up while you can!

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Megan said...

Oh, it's so great to know there's a natural, non-toxic nail polish out there! I used to paint my baby's nails, but now she puts her toes in her mouth, so I had to stop. Gotta get me some of this stuff!

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