Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ChewBeads: A review

If your baby is working on teeth... or ever has, you know their favorite thing to chew on is you. My baby's second favorite thing? My jewelry. Which is fine... except that it's awful for her teeth, probably tastes disgusting, and there's a strong possibility that one of these days she'll break it. So it should come as no surprise that tons of companies started coming out with gnaw-able jewelry for tots. But let's be honest... most of them? Aren't very pretty. Allow me to introduce you to ChewBeads.

With ChewBeads, you won't be ashamed of wearing your teething jewelry out to dinner - with or without your little one! Super soft and safe for chewing on, but also pretty darn cute! ChewBeads come in a ton of different colors, and a few different styles so you can match them to your outfits, dress them up, or keep them casual. The string inside of ChewBeads is extra strong, and the safety clasp makes sure the string will never snap - instead, the necklace will just come off your neck! As your baby gets older, you don't have to fret about passing down your jewelry to a new mom, or holding it in storage for your next baby - nope, these can be worn anytime - they're stylish enough that unless you said something, nobody would ever know it was teething jewelry!

So how do babies like them? Well, my 1 year old loves to chew on them... but even more, she loves wearing them herself. I let her wear them around the house (supervised of course) which lets me have a little freedom while she's entertained chewing on the beads!