Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smart Bottoms Holiday Giveaway

Tis' the Season! We can't believe how popular green and red diapers are right now! We've got quite a few options to choose from, but why buy when you could WIN?!?

SmartBottoms has graciously offered one of their super awesome AIO diapers to one lucky Lil' Tulips reader! The SmartBottoms AIO has a bamboo insert that, while attached, isn't completely sewn down so it dries much more quickly than many of the other AIOs on the market. If you've tried SmartBottoms before, you already know how great they are... and if you've never tried one, now's the time! Enter below, or on our facebook page for a chance to win!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: AppleCheeks!!

As you know, we spent some time at ABC last week. One of our favorite booths (possibly because they had comfortable seating!) was the AppleCheeks booth. If you didn't watch yet, check out the fun reveal they did of their new print Winging It! We were there in person to see the Diaper Fairy, and Van even got interviewed on his thoughts on the new print!

While at ABC we were given an AppleCheeks key fob, and though we love it - we also know there are some Lil' Tulips fans out there who weren't lucky enough to get one and would REALLY REALLY REALLY love the chance to have one. And so my friends? Here it is! Your chance to get an AppleCheeks keyfob along with some other great Applecheeks products!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: Niki Biki

Quite some time ago, I wrote about how I had fallen in love with the Niki Biki tanks. They are a One Size Fits All tank that I truly believe would fit ALL. These days, I wear one just about every single day and continue to pester Jenny to send me more or update her inventory with new colors so I can window shop.

These tanks are nice and stretchy and nice and long - I'm hoping they'll solve the problem I've had late in pregnancy with both of my first two where even in maternity shirts my belly would hang out the bottom! They are incredibly comfortable and hold up fantastically!  You can read the entire review I wrote a few months ago here.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: Softbums!

We know there are some SoftBums fanatics out there. Lots of them that order from us! So what's so great about SoftBums?? I'll let their super-fans tell you, but just know they are pretty stinkin' awesome.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little Layla Grace

Who doesn't love BabyLegs?!?!
Here's just a few ways WE use babylegs... how else do you use them?
  • Under dresses as footless tights
  • As "pants" with a cloth diaper
  • Under pants during winter - when babywearing, pants often get pulled up, but little legs stay warm if there's a pair of BabyLegs underneath!!
  • As arm warmers/decoration
  • As footballs/soccer balls/baseballs/basketballs (can you tell I have a toddler boy?!)
If you didn't know, we've got a special pair of BabyLegs at Lil' Tulips! The Layla Grace BabyLegs!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: PlanetWise Wet Bag!

Did you know we have our very own PlanetWise Wet Bag? You can't get this one anywhere but from Lil' Tulips!! We just love the pattern!
All PlanetWise wetbags are fantastic, but we're pretty partial to this one!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: Buddha Bunz Dryer Ball

If you cloth diaper, you've probably heard about how fantastic Wool Dryer balls can be. When I first started cloth diapering, I didn't buy into the hype. Why spend so much on wool, when I could get plastic ones at the grocery store for 1/3 the price?!? Then, almost a year ago, I was given 4 dryer balls at a trade show. I figured I would try them out. The next time I did laundry, I tossed them in with my diapers. I haven't looked back since. I now use 6 dryer balls in each load of cloth diapers I do. They have decreased my dry time, made my diapers softer, and reduced static. I'm hooked. I get it now.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: gDiapers Hat

We all know cloth is cute (you probably wouldn't be a Lil' Tulips customer otherwise right), but what about Mom or Dad?? gDiapers has branched out a bit and now sells hats and tops so the rest of your baby can be not only cute, but also coordinated with their adorable diaper. They also sell great Adult sized hats so you can rock the brand too!!

This week, we're giving away an awesome white gDiaper hat. For you, your husband, your wife, your best friend, or your daycare provider - we're sure you can find someone to wear this awesome hat!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: The Tag a Long

Do you have a toddler? This week's giveaway is for you! The Tag a Long makes it easy to go places with your toddler, letting them feel independent but still keeping them within arms reach and close enough to you to stay out of trouble (mostly). The Tag a Long attaches to just about anything - its' designed to attach to a younger sibling's stroller, but I often attach it to shopping carts, a tricycle, my belt loop, or anything else that has a thin(ish) bar that I can attach it to!!

Check here for a review I wrote of the Tag a Long a few months ago (plus commenting on the post gets you entries!) Then make sure to enter to win!!!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: Pretty Pushers

Pregnant? Or know someone who is? Pretty Pushers is a brand new product line that we are absolutely loving! If you're already a mom, you know the gowns given to you at the hospital are less than flattering. Here you are, getting ready for one of the biggest milestones in your life to happen - the birth of a child. Of course you and your family will want to document it with pictures, but once you change into that hospital gown you'll quickly realize you are far from dressed to impressed! Pretty Pushers makes it easy to look and feel stylish and pretty while you deal with those not so fun contractions.

Pretty Pushers has taken everything into consideration when it comes to the modern birth. There's a slit in the front that allows for access to your belly for fetal monitors. The back is gorgeously low cut, to provide room for an epidural, and the top is a halter top to allow for easy skin-to-skin access once that baby is finally out! With a $24 price point on the Pretty Pushers gown, it's cheap enough that you can feel fine about throwing it out after delivery. Pretty Pushers knows hospitals won't wash gowns brought from home - and also realizes there's usually a hospital stay involved with birth so you won't be able to wash your gown either!

I personally didn't know about Pretty Pushers for either of my children, but if (when) there is a third, I'm going to be sure to arrive at the hospital in style! This week, we're offering one of our Facebook fans and blog readers the chance to win a Pretty Pushers gown in white. Just use the rafflecopter form below to enter!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Giveaway: AppleCheeks Swim Diaper

It's been awhile since we did weekly giveaways, but we want to bring them back!! Make sure you check in every Friday to see what we're giving away and get your entries in!

We're kicking it off this week with an AppleCheeks Swim diaper! Summer is in full swing, and if you don't have one of these yet, you NEED one!!
Cuter than cute, and fantastic for the ocean, pool, or anywhere else there may be water - AppleCheeks diapers brings you their swim diapers!  Enter to win one below, and make sure you come back next Friday for a new giveaway!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Strip!!

No, we don't want you to take your clothes off. We just want you to get all the ammonia, detergent, and other build up out of your diapers!!! There's a whole lot of advice about stripping diapers out there, and we want to make sure you have a place where you can go that you trust and know is safe instructions to follow! So, here goes!!!

When you should strip
Stripping IS NOT something you should do on a regular basis. Unless of course you get paid for it (seriously, how many times can I make this joke before y'all get bored?) Stripping diapers is not good for them. It can damage the PUL and/or elastics and puts some major wear on your diapers. Unless you've got a majorly messed up wash cycle (if you do, EMAIL US! We are happy to help you figure out a detergent and wash cycle that works), you shouldn't need to strip very often. In fact, just as a reference - I've been using cloth for just under 2 years - for 7 months I had 2 in diapers - and have stripped once. ONE SINGLE TIME in 2 years. And that time? Was because we had a yeast situation happening. So let me reiterate... Stripping is not something you should do on a regular basis. But sometimes, it's all you can do. If you've tried RLR, and have tried multiple rinses, and are STILL having issues with stink, buildup, or the dreaded yeast, it's time to strip.

How to strip
Research (through reputable sources!) and my own personal experience have led me to believe that the best way to strip your diapers is with Dawn Dish Detergent. It can be bought at your local grocery store... and usually a pharmacy or even a gas station! Make sure you get the blue kind. I'm not sure if there's any technical reason for this... but it worked for me and half the internet... so just go with it!!

Do a cold rinse of the diapers you are going to strip. Then do a regular wash cycle (I do hot wash, cold rinse)... but instead of using any detergent, add 2 Tablespoons of your blue dawn to the wash. Now comes the fun part. Rinse, and rinse, and rinse, and rinse some more. You'll need to keep an eye on your diapers during the rinse cycles. If you see ANY bubbles in the water while they are being agitated you need to rinse again. Just keep rinsing until you have no bubbles!!

If you have yeast
Yeast is a special kind of ugly animal all on its own. Dawn may not be the only solution to yeast (though I'd still suggest a final strip with dawn once the rash is cleared). You'll also need to use a little bit of bleach. I know how scary that sounds!! Make sure your washer has a place where detergent/bleach can be mixed with the water. You don't want to pour bleach straight onto your diapers!! If it doesn't, just wait until the washer fills with water and add it then! When using bleach, you want to do cold cycles - bleach works better in the cold - and you'll want to use as much water as possible. Even if you're only doing a couple diapers, I'd suggest telling your washer it's a large load (if that's an option!). When you actually add the bleach, you don't need too much - usually only about 1-3 tablespoons. Even watered down, that should be enough to get the yeast out of your diapers.

When you shouldn't strip
You don't always need to strip. RLR Laundry treatment is great for getting buildup out of diapers. It's much less stressful on your diapers and is a great solution if you need some help! You also don't need to strip if you've had a not-quite-right laundry cycle and are finally finding your mojo. Just keep at it and your diapers should show signs of improvement rather quickly.

As always, if you've got questions please feel free to ask on our facebook page, in the comments here, or email us! (

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Dwink Box!

You're in the car (or even at home) and your child is BEGGING for juice. No sippy cup in sight, you do what's easiest. You jam a plastic straw through the tiny foil section of a juice box and pass it to your child. But rather than placating your sweet babe, the screams get louder and the shouts change tone. Your little one is no longer just thirsty, now they are thirsty and soaking wet!

Does this scene sound familiar?

It takes awhile for kids to learn not to squeeze a juice box. Which is when the dwink box juice box holder comes in handy! The dwink box adds a stiff, plastic layer between your child's fingers and the soft cardboard of a juice box. No matter how hard your child squeezes that plastic, they aren't going to be squirting juice all over themselves!

The Dwink Box also provides two easy to hold handles - making it even easier for your little one to get a sip without a spill. In 4 different colors, the Dwink Box is easy to get in a color your child will love and will love using!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crossing the Line

Yesterday, I posted this picture on our Facebook page. It's my diapers out on the line waiting for the sun to crest over the top of my house and dry them.
I realized some people new to cloth may not know about all the benefits of line drying, and figured it was worth a blog post.

Line drying is fantastic for cloth diapers, and here's why!!
  • Stains - As we know, diapers can sometimes get stained. It's a natural thing to happen since your kid is supposed to poop in them. What you've heard is true. The sun is AMAZING at getting stains out of your diapers. If the sun alone doesn't work, a little boost with some lemon juice will do the trick!
  • Energy Bills - Obviously not using the dryer means you don't have to PAY to use it, so the more you get those diapers outside, the less you need to use your dryer.
  • The environment - Again, using the dryer, and the electricity that goes along with it is harder on the environment than popping the diapers out on the line
  • Photo ops - Yeah, I know this is silly. BUT, here it is. There are zero photo ops when your diapers are inside the dryer. But when their out on the line? You can catch photos like this:
 Still not convinced? Line drying also helps the elastics and PUL hold up. While you do need to dry in the dryer every so often, to help make sure the PUL stays sealed at the seams, the dryer will shorten the life of both the elastics in your diapers and the PUL that keeps them waterproof.

Don't have a clothesline? Guess what? Neither do I!! I make my own on days when I can sun by hanging a rope between the fence and our garage. You can also find collapsible clothesline trees at hardware stores, and often Walmart or Target.

How do you currently dry your diapers? Has this post made you reconsider??

Thursday, June 21, 2012

AppleCheeks on the cheeks

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kinda an AppleCheeks fan! I switched to AppleCheeks over two years ago after trying an embarrassing number of other cloth diaper brands. Each brand I tried I "liked" but didn't love enough to settle down. Since trying out my first AppleCheeks I found my brand love and loyalty. I sold off all my other brands and went exclusively Applecheeks, and haven't looked back since!! So what's with the love?

AppleCheeks, first and foremost is an amazing brand. Their customer service blows other brands straight out of the water. I have yet to find another brand that interacts with their fans the way AppleCheeks does. The warm fuzzy attitude the brand creates for their fans seems to spread, and AppleCheeks fans have created various groups to chat, exchange diapers, and surprise each other! Yes, there are other brands where the fans band together for support, but I haven't ever seen a group like the AppleCheeks ones!

The fit. AppleCheeks just fit my kids better. I started with AppleCheeks when my daughter was just 9 days old. My son wore them up until the day he potty trained, and still wears them overnight (tips on overnight potty training are always welcome!). Of the brands I tried, AppleCheeks were the trimmest while still having enough junk in the trunk to soak up my heavy wetter's pee with no leaks.

Speaking of no leaks... in over of two years using Applecheeks, I've had a total of 3 leaks. Not bad right?? Well it gets even better when I tell you all 3 of those leaks could have been prevented. 2 are because I didn't put an extra insert in and left the diaper on all night while my munchkin snuggled next to me and nursed the entire night. Yeah, there's only so much a single diaper can hold. The third leak was by far the most embarrassing - hello poopsplosion right up the back - and is 110% the fault of my darling husband. Who, when we first started with AppleCheeks, had no idea what he was doing and put the snaps on the very last setting - leaving the diaper not only loose, but darn near falling off.

Last but not least, AppleCheeks prints are just WAY too cute. They are custom designed fabrics and are nearing their end! Grab a Delicious or Wild Child print (both with AppleCheeks apples on them!) before they are gone!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wrap it up!

There are all kinds of diapers in the cloth diapering community. Many of the less expensive options require the use of a cover. While there are many covers out there, Thirsties has become the leading cover of choice among our fans on Facebook! So what's all the hype about??

The Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover is designed to grow with your baby. The two sizes each look like most one-size diapers. This way, you can adjust the rise as well as the waist as your baby grows. Many diapers claim that their largest size will fit up to potty training, but with the Thirsties cover, you can be sure it will!! In fact, I threw it onto my almost 3 year old little man (who has been potty trained for quite some time now!) just for the sake of this post. Look, still fits!! (he doesn't have a diaper on under this, but he's also got a TON of extra room around the waist and in the bum.

The Duo Wrap comes in tons of cute colors or a few select (but super cute!) prints. For this review, I'm using the Duo Wrap in Warm Stripes. Mine is snaps - I try to keep all my diapers with snaps so the aplix doesn't snag anything... but I know there are TONS of mommies out there who prefer aplix, and the good news is? The Duo Wrap comes in aplix as well!!

No matter what you plan on putting under the Duo Wrap it's sure to keep everything inside while still looking cute and going easy on the wallet.

Still not convinced? Check out the reviews on the Lil' Tulips site for these covers!! All 4 Mommies gave these covers 5 stars!

Friday, May 25, 2012

So where is that diaper?

I've been getting a lot of emails asking where the traveling diaper is, when it will get to you, and IF you even are going to get a chance. So here's the deal.... EVERYONE who filled out the form will get the diaper. When? We're not entirely sure. It's taking much longer to move from person to person than we expected. So please, when it gets to you - act quickly - snap a picture and move it on to the next mama and baby because everyone is just as eager as you are! In an effort to help you get an idea of where it is, and where it will be next, here's the list of cities and states the diaper will be visiting!

Norton Shores MI
Marquette, MI
Kentwood, MI
Mattawan, MI
Tecumseh, MI
North Vernon, IN
Farina, IL
Williamsburg, IA
Shawano WI
Green Bay WI
Saint Paul, MN
Bemidji, MN
Poulsbo, WA
Vernonia, OR
neugene, Oregon
scappoose oregon
mission viejo ca
beaumont ca
Aliso Viejo, CA
West Hills, CA
Garden grove, ca
Scranton, AR
Broomfield, CO
golden co
Gresham, Nebraska
Courtland, KS
Moore, Ok
Coweta, OK
Enid OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Tulsa Oklahoma
Houston TX
Rosharon, TX
Waxahachie, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Irving, Tx
St. Louis MO
Kirkwood, MO
Casstown, OH
Batavia, Oh
Brunswick, Ohio
South New Berlin,NY
Fort Drum, NY
Syracuse, NY
Braintree, MA
Bristol, NH
Belmont, NH
Pottstown, PA
Waldorf, MD
Memphis, TN
Franklin, TN
Raleigh NC
Fairview NC
Douglasville, GA
Midland, GA
Fernandina Beach, FL
Port St Lucie FL
Beaufort sc
Summerville, SC
Dorchester, SC
Goose Creek, SC

The diaper will then be taking a trek back to it's roots and will be headed to CANADA!!!

Dorion, Ontario
Mount Hope, Ontario
Ottawa, ON
Ottawa, ON
Ottawa, Ontario
Calgary Alberta
Orillia, Ontario
Richmond BC
Mission, BC
Port McNeill, BC
Abbotsford, BC
Huntingdon QC
Gaspé, QC
Chateauguay, Quebec
Saint John NB
Brandon, MB
Les Cèdres, Qc
Ardrossan, Alberta
Thompson, Manitoba 
Saskatoon, SK

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy's little secret

When I was pregnant with my son I gained 60 pounds. That's a lot. So when an 8 lb baby came out, I kinda wondered what the heck I was going to do to drop the other 52 pounds. Because I had a c-section I was in the hospital for 4 days and by the time I finally got out of bed and got home I was amazed to see my body wasn't *that* much bigger than before I was pregnant. I wasn't exactly fitting into my jeans, but I was only a size bigger, which considering the weight gain I thought was impressive!

Just a few weeks after giving birth to my son, I looked like myself again. I wasn't the same weight, but to anyone other than myself, my husband, and my parents I looked like any normal person. When out in public, people would be shocked to hear my son was only 3 weeks old and time and time again I heard "You look amazing for just having had a baby!" So what was my secret??

The Belly Bandit. I wore the Belly Bandit for weeks after both my kids were born. It made me look better, and apparently helped with a lot of other things too, some of which I didn't even know were happening! Both of my children were breastfed and I never once had problems with my back or shoulders. I can only assume this is because of the belly bandit because my posture is far from perfect, and even less so when breastfeeding. Apparently the belly bandit also helps with water retention, which could explain why I really didn't have much bloating even after being hooked up to an IV for 4 days straight.

What was my favorite part of the Belly Bandit? With my son, I had an emergency c-section. I knew very little about what the procedure was and nothing about recovery. I was more wrapped up in paying attention to my newborn than actually paying attention to anything the nurses and doctors told me, and so when I did finally get out of bed and start walking around I had this nagging fear that my incision would open and my intestines and organs would come spilling out onto the floor. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but my section with my son was my first surgery ever so I didn't really know anything about anything. Anyway, having the belly bandit wrapped tightly around my gut made me feel like everything was held in place. It gave me the peace of mind that if my incision opened (which it didn't) I'd have enough time to lay down on my back and keep my organs inside my body rather than have them come spilling out. Thankfully I never had to test that theory (I'm not even sure it's possible) but the point is I had the peace of mind and it was one less thing to worry about when all I wanted to focus on was my son :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

$25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Hello to all our fantastic Great Cloth Diaper Hunt friends! We hope you're having a great time on the hunt! As a special treat, we are offering a $25 gift card to one of our fans. The giveaway is open today only, so make sure you get your entries in quickly!!

And, as a special treat, we're also giving away a free pair of babylegs with any order over $65! You don't need a coupon for that special, just let us know in the comments if you'd like a boy, girl, or gender neutral set! We'll do our best to send what you ask for!

Ok enough chatter! Let's get on to the giveaway! Just enter easily with the Rafflecopter form below!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tag a Long: a review

We've had a great relationship with the makers of the Tag a Long for quite some time. Jenny always tells me about how cool they are, and each time I would glance at the product images and think "yeah cool... but not something I NEED." As with most things suggested to me by people in the business, I once again was wrong. The Tag a Long is exactly what I needed.

The Tag a Long attaches to just about anything - typically a stroller, but it's also suggested for carts at the grocery store or elsewhere. Basically, anytime you'll have some kind of moving object that you are pushing... and you want your toddler to stay nearby, the Tag a Long makes it easy. It quickly attaches to just about anything that has a bar/pole/whatever:
I knew that part would be easy... what I wasn't so certain about was the success rate of getting my almost 3 year old to hang onto the handle while we walked. Surprisingly enough, he was more than happy to oblige and walked perfectly next to me almost the entire time and without much of any coaching/bribing/cajoling.
Somehow, the Tag a Long has become his favorite toy. He loves holding his "special handle" and going on walks. I haven't tried it attached to a cart yet, but I'm thinking it will work wonders and be a fantastic addition to my purse!
We love our Tag a Long, and I am pretty sure we'll be adding a second one to my artillery of "mommy's little helper" products. Grab one for yourself, and keep your toddler a safe distance from you while still letting them be independent!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Angela Marie Tutus: An incredibly cute new product!

If you celebrated our birthday bash with us, you already know we're ridiculously proud of our employee Angie and her line of tutus. Angela Marie Tutus are one of our newest products. The are incredibly cute and impressively well made. Angela Marie Tutus are completely customizable, you pick up to three colors for your tutu and it is made to order before being shipped out to you!

The band of Angela Marie Tutus consists of ribbon wrapped elastic making a soft, sturdy band to go around your child's waist.
 There's tons of tulle to make the tutu extra fluffy and puffy!
And once it's on your little lady, the pretty can't be beat!
I might be slightly biased since that's MY daughter, but I just think these pictures are too cute for words!! I love dressing her in this tutu and always get compliments about how gorgeous the tutu (and the little girl wearing it) are. Want to get your little lady an adorable tutu? Grab an Angela Marie tutu today!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Celebration: Blueberry Wetbag

Here's hoping you've had as much fun today as we have! Our last birthday present up for grabs is a blueberry wet/dry tote bag!

Chewable Jewels are some super cute jewelry (for you or the baby!) that is safe for chewing on. We all know a baby's favorite thing to chew on is Mom's fancy necklaces and bracelets. Now give your baby exactly what they want without fear of damaging your jewelry!

Birthday Celebration: gDiapers

We know there's a whole bunch of you that absolutely LOVE gDiapers, so we want to give you the chance to add to your stash. Or, if you've never tried a gDiaper before, we'd love to get you started with one!!

Birthday Celebration: Ones and Twos

Ones & Twos is one of the newer brands to hit the cloth diaper scene, and we're very pleased to be giving one away to one lucky reader and fan!

Birthday Celebration: Knot Genie

The Knot Genie is a product you're going to need if you have a little girl, or if you have a little dude with longer, or curly hair. Basically, if your kid needs to get their hair brushed, you'll want a knot genie!

Birthday Celebration: Undercover Mama

Do you breastfeed? What about when you're in public? Undercover Mama makes it so you can easily convert any nursing bra into a nursing tank. You can keep your midsection covered, and just pull your shirt up to nurse discreetly, easily, and comfortably.

Birthday Celebration: The Tag a Long

Our celebration continues, and this time we're handing out something for little hands - the tag*a*long!
We've been selling the tag*a*long for awhile, and we are very pleased with the product, as are our customers!

Birthday Celebration: Angela Marie Tutu

As you may already know, Lil' Tulips prides itself on hiring all WAHMs. So when one of our employees, Angie, started making these gorgeous tutus, we couldn't help but pick them up and start carrying them in the store! We're really happy to help Angie debut her gorgeous tutus and will have a review coming this week or next, but for now here's a sneak peak at just how cute these babies are!

Birthday Celebration: AppleCheeks

We got a great response over our Traveling diaper, so we know we've got some AppleCheeks fans out there!! Now's your chance to win an AppleCheeks little bundle (color selection based on inventory) just because it's our birthday!

Birthday Celebration: Itti Bitti Wetbag

Let's get this party started!! It's our birthday, but you get the presents! Our first present up for grabs is a fantastic Itti Bitti Wetbag!

Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Necessity: Nikibiki tanks

A few weeks ago, our deal of the week was on Nikibiki tanks. As someone fairly new to the Lil' Tulips staff I looked at them and considered buying one while they were on sale, but decided to hold off. I wear tank tops and the last thing I needed was more tanks. It's always hard for me to pass up a good deal, but my husband and I are trying to make some changes, pay off debt, and plan a trip to Disney for the kids, so I figured buying myself some new tanks was an unnecessary expense and passed on them.

Not too much later, Jenny got in all the new spring colors and asked if I'd like to try one so I could write a honest review of them on the blog. Not one to ever pass up the opportunity for free products - especially ones I know I'll use - I of course agreed. As you probably know, Lil' Tulips has crazy fast shipping and so 2 days later I had a new tank in my hands. I held it and was underwhelmed. $15 for a tank that weighed maybe an ounce? It felt thin and unimpressive. The color was pretty (a deep purple), but it wasn't anything I was majorly impressed with. Plus - they are one size tanks, so I was pretty confident it wouldn't fit. I WAS WRONG.

The next day, I slipped into my Nikibiki and fell in love. That night, I ordered an additional 3, and I'm doing my best not to order more (I'll let you know how that goes... I really want (and need!) all of them!!). For the first time in my lifeI've found something that truely is one size. Ok, so it might not fit my 14 month old daughter.... but it would fit me, would fit my mom, would fit my Aunts... and it would even fit a 60 pound heavier me (not that I plan on gaining 60 lbs - but that's what I packed on when pregnant ;) ).
The Nikibiki tanks are nice and long. They cover my post partum pudge (does it still count as post partum when my youngest is a toddler?), and keep my butt covered even when I bend down or squat on the floor to be at the kids' level.

I love the material these tanks are made of. It is stretchy - not too loose, not too tight. It's super soft, and it makes me feel like I still have the comfort and security of wearing a tank without the extra bulk. It's breathable which I think will really come in handy this summer, and will make it easy to still rock the style I love without sweating to death!

Yes, I'm in love with my Nikibiki tank... and if anyone wants to buy me a few more, feel free!! Of course - get yourself one while you're at it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Traveling Diaper

As you probably know, AppleCheeks released a limited edition color last week. Purple Rain! We want to send a Purple Rain around the continent, starting with YOU! Here's how it will work:
  1. Sign up in Woobox on our Facebook page. (We're just using this to get everyone's address - if you "enter", you'll be on the list to get the diaper for a week!)
  2. Wait for Purple Rain to hit your mailbox
  3. Use it for a week, and snap at least one picture of your little one in the diaper - post it on our Facebook page! We'd love to see your child and the traveling diaper somewhere that stands out to you. Something that really shows your hometown, a favorite spot, or something you think really shows the essence of the traveling diaper.
  4. Email Beth ( to find out the address of the next baby the Purple Rain is headed to.
  5. Clean it.  Please!! We REALLY don't want a dirty diaper showing up at anyone's door.
  6. Send it to the next mama with a tracking number. 
This fun will cost you the price of shipping a diaper to someone. We're going to try our best to set it up so the diaper isn't going back and forth across the country, but we can't promise anything! We're hoping it will only cost a few dollars for each mama to send it along. We're asking you to spend the extra on sending it with a tracking number so that we know where it is at all times. If the next mama on the list doesn't receive the diaper, and you don't have a tracking number to show us where that diaper is, we'll be holding you accountable for the full cost of the diaper. So - if you want to take your chances on the mail system, that's your choice, but it may be wise to give yourself some added insurance!!

Questions? Ask them here, or on Facebook, or email Beth! We'll be updating the post with answers to everything, as we're sure some things have been missed. We're super excited about this idea and can't wait to see where the diaper goes!!

So - who will get it first? Will it be you??

I already have a Purple Rain. How will I tell mine apart from the Traveling Diaper?
We're planning on marking the Traveling Diaper - not in any way that will show or ruin the diaper. We're thinking maybe just put a T (for travel!) on the lot tag inside the envelope, but we are open to suggestions if you think it should be marked in some other fashion! A huge thanks to one of our fans - we are going to switch out some of the snaps to Lime Green!! That way, it will be easy to tell which diaper is the traveler, and which is yours, and no chance of a T washing off!

I live in Canada. Does that mean I can't participate?
Nope! Just means it'll take a little longer to get to you! We're going to send this diaper through the US first and then have it sent to our Social Media Coordinator, Beth. She'll send it up to Canada so none of our US fans have to bother with customs forms and the extra couple dollars it costs to get up over the border! 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommy Necklaces - Every Mommy Needs one!

Breastfeeding is beautiful. It's natural and creates a wonderful bonding experience between Mother and Baby and is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Many people post beautiful pictures of themselves breastfeeding their children. Pictures that show the bond between mother and baby at it's strongest. Shoot... I even have a few of those pictures!

But what about when breastfeeding isn't fun? Nobody shows the pictures (probably because they are usually indecent!) of that sweet baby clamping down on your nipple and nearly biting it off. Nobody shows the pictures of their child craning their neck away from the breast while still latched (or sometimes not!) to see what's going on in the room around them. Nobody shows the pictures of a bruised chest from the pinches, or the painful nipples from your baby playing with the side they aren't nursing from. But chances are? If you've been breastfeeding awhile you've experienced at least one, if not all, of these situations. I've even been known to take pictures of myself in those situations.

Mommy Necklaces are a product designed to help keep you, your child, and your boobies (!!) happy and healthy even through each of these not so pleasant stages. Mommy necklaces are designed to give your baby something to focus on while breastfeeding. Rather than pinching your chest or nipple, rather than biting down, rather than being distracted by any tiny noise in the background; the mommy necklace keeps your baby focused on the task at hand (or mouth as it may be) while still keeping you comfortable. Wearing the Mommy Necklace gives your child something to fidget with, keeping their focus close to your body and making sure they stay in the correct position. They are gorgeous, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. And do they work??? Well, you be the judge:

Right now, we've got Mommy Necklaces on sale, but they are going fast! We expect them to go even faster today!!