Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scenting Wool Dryer Balls

For the past couple of years we have used chemical free detergent (RnG and Tiny Bubbles) and love it, however I really miss that clean smell! You know the smell that makes you smile, feel clean, memories, etc. Well, now you can get that smell!

Here is what I do to scent our Buddha Bunz Wool Dryer Balls:

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • awl (the wooden handle that has a sharp pointed end)
  • Essential oils or Fragrance oils in the scent you want
  • syringe (I used one of my husbands Marinade Injector he uses for injecting the turkey for deep frying) I like it, since it has a couple extra holes and measurement. Sorry honey..
  • ziplock page(s) 
  • and your balls
I scented 6 of our balls with about 1/4 oz of Fragrance oil (it's alot, fyi)

1. Take the Awl and insert it into ball until you reach the middle

2. Fill your syringe with your oils (I filled the syringe up with all that I was going to use for all balls)
3. Insert the syringe into the ball center and squirt it in

4. After removing the syringe, just move the wool around to cover the hole.
5. Put the balls into the ziplock bags overnight for the oils to sink and absorb in.

I scent the balls that we are using and when the scent goes away I just go to another scent. I haven't mixed ball scents in a dryer yet. 

So happy scenting! This also works great to add your balls in your laundry room, dresser, coat closets, car, and anywhere else you might want scented. 

We are testing some oils right now to carry in our store for you to order.  We have some extra and if you are interested let me know and we can sell you some.

We have: 

.5 oz Gain
1 oz Monkey Farts
1 oz baby clean
1 oz french lavender


Krys said...

I'd be interested in buying the oils you have left...I can't find the gain or monkey farts anywhere! If you could start selling them (or tell me where to find them in the mean time) I'd be so grateful! I need wholesale prices & amounts!
Email is

Lexi Conklin said...

that is so crazy! i had no idea thats how you added the scent to dryer balls haha its a little funny seeing that huge syringe but it makes sense thats how you would do it! ive never used dryer balls but i really want to try them!

Julie said...

This is such a great idea. I just got some essential oils and was thinking about putting them in my dryer balls, now I know how to try! I will let you know how I make out:-)

♥Mama of the Littles♥ said...

This is awesome. I have some loo hoo wool dryer balls and I LOVE them, but they don't offer scented balls :( I think I'd like to try this. Do you know if essential oils can be used instead of fragrance oils?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had an issue with the oils staining your clothes?

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