Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Special [Aug. 6 - Aug. 12]

Weekly Special ~ The tag*a*long Stroller Handle for Kids or Toddlers ~ 10% OFF!

There are many reasons to purchase the tag*a*long, but here are just a few.

1) Provides an option for oder siblings or those kids that do not want ot sit in the stoller while a the same time keeping them close.

2) Allows kids' to interact with the world around them zoos, parks, amusement parks, museums, playgrounds, there is something in every city and there is a lot to see and do. The tag*a*long gives those kids a place to hold while moving about and a place to come back to when the fun is done.

3) Supports kids who need to be independent and hlp out. Kids love to have their very own spot to claim as well as help mom, dad, or cargiver get the stroller from here to there. Attaches in just seconds.

4) It works other places too...

Recomendations*. Use under adult supervision and with discretion at all times. Recomended for ages 3 and up.

Do not let your child pull, yank or tug on the tag*a*long as this could cause the stroller to tip and cause bodily harm.

Do not leave your child unattended while using the tag*a*long. or use it to lift or carry the stoller.

How to keep it clean! Wash with soap and warm water as needed.

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