Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Straw-lution Staws were Delivered Today!

Straw-lution Straws in action!
The Straw-lution Straws were delivered today!! Not only were we excited to see them, but to try them out! Vana was our guinea pig at dinner with her yogurt.  It worked! I didn't have yogurt all over the place, since Vana thinks she can feed herself..... I was able to cook dinner while she eat away. Vana is 1 yrs old and didn't have one problem with it. She looked at it first and was probably wondering why there wasn't a spoon in there, but once she sucked, she kept on going... I'm still one for learning to use utensils, but help once in awhile is nice to have!

They were alot thicker than I thought they would be, which is good. I'm not worried about reusing them!

You can also use the Sippy Stuff Straw Cleaner with them as well!

If you had pre-ordered them; they will be shipped out first thing on Wednesday for you!

· BPA Free

· Made in The USA

· Dishwasher Safe

· Re-use or Toss

· Choose From Four Colors (12 straws per pack)

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